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Who we are

HHH Love was established out of a need to see marriages not only last but be happy, loving God and be sexually free with each other with fun, excitement and removing the mental and religious limits.

I am  Marlon R. Nicolls a licensed minister, certified relationship counselor, with Prepare Enrich International, successful business owner and father of two wonderful and gifted children. I was married for over twenty-five years, experienced a divorce and since then remarried to an amazing woman.

Why us?

With more than forty years in the church/business environment, I have seen many people and marriages destroyed by church doctrines and philosophies. However, at the same time, I’ve also experienced and witnessed some very successful Christian marriages. Couples who not only love God, but also have healthy intimacy with passion and love for each other.

Our philosophy is simple strengthening the main 4 areas that cause divorce: Communication, Sex, Money and Trust. Any one of these areas that are weak puts a strain on the couple and the relationship.

Allow us to assist you, let’s start the journey together by locating the problem, identifying the causes, finding a working solution and create the support system to a successful relationship.

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Marital Support & Practical Counselling


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Marriage and sex is a God idea!


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